Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner Natural Herbal Vegan Ayurvedic Makes Hair Strong Thick Soft Prevents Hair Fall

100% Natural Herbal Protein Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

Cleanses and nourishes hair. Promotes hair growth and thickening. Prevents hair loss

No preservatives, No chemicals, No phthalates, No sulphates, No parabens.
Safe for all hair types and good for hair and scalp.

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  • 3.53 oz -100 gms
  • 7 oz - 200 gms

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Customer Reviews:
"First of all can I say that customer service is amazing?! Secondly I used this product for the first time last night per directions and my hair hasn't been this amazing in a long time! my hair is soft and not greasy at all. It's bouncy and full of life. I didn't have to use any other shampoo or conditioning as I usually would. I have used products like this in the past but they have never made my hair this soft. Thanks!"

"Love as always second time buying!Leaves hair clean without the chemicals or the waxy feel from shampoo bars!"

"My first time trying a shampoo in power form. It’s INCREDIBLE.  Easy to mix/apply and wash out. My hair feels so clean and wonderful, like I just walked out of a salon. I will be back for more.♥️"

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
Methi (Fenugreek)
Shikakai (Acacia concinna)
Aritha (Soapnut)


Take approximately 2 tablespoons of the shampoo powder and make a thin paste
(You may need more or less product depending on the length of your hair)
Wet hair and gently massage paste into hair and scalp
Let sit for 5 to 15 minutes. 
Rinse thoroughly
This is a completely herbal powdered shampoo and conditioner. There will be no suds.
You will notice how clean and voluminous your hair feels after the first use itself. 
With regular use you will need to shampoo less often. Hair will become thicker and stronger.

Eco-friendly pouch
3.53 oz (100 gms)
7 oz (200gms)

Chickpea - Used traditionally in India to cleanse hair and skin. Chickpea is rich in proteins that nourish the scalp and strengthen hair roots . Saponins in chickpea dissolve oils and sebum and thoroughly clean hair while getting rid of dry skin from scalp. Chickpea has a neutral pH of 7 that helps keep the pH level of your hair balanced

Amla - Amalaki or Indian gooseberry has the highest naturally occurring Vitamin C in nature. It is naturally astringent and is a great moisturizer and hair conditioner. It's anti-oxidants prevent graying and hair fall

Fenugreek - Fenugreek or Methi is rich in protein and nicotinic acid. It works as a natural conditioner and helps prevent hair fall, graying and dry scalp issues. It helps to thicken fine hair and supports hair length

Shikakai - Shikakai literally means "fruit for the hair". It cleans hair and helps to calm the scalp. Makes hair thick and shiny. It curbs hair loss by keeping the scalp healthy and preventing clogged follicles & dryness in the scalp. It also works as a natural detangler

Aritha - Aritha also known as Reetha or Soapnut is a natural hair shampoo. It cleanses hair and makes hair shiny and bouncy

All ingredients are mixed in Ayurvedic proportions for maximum benefit as a herbal shampoo and conditioner

Only Natural Ingredients
Handmade in small batches in the US
Cruelty Free
Preservative Free
Safe for all hair types
Chemicals Free
Mica Free