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Herbal Ayurvedic Black Mascara - A perfect companion to SunnyHerbals bestselling Kajal Eyeliner that has received rave reviews for its jet black color and soothing feel even to sensitive eyes. Made with the same soothing, beneficial ingredients this long lasting mascara provides volume and length to lashes while promoting lash growth.

100% Natural - Gives lashes a full look - Highly pigmented - Long lasting - Sensitive eyes will love it.

Contains NO Mica, NO Oxides and NO Chemicals.

Comes with a complimentary bamboo handle wand 

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Pure Activated Coconut Charcoal
Organic Grass Fed Cow Ghee (Clarified Butter) 
Pure Unprocessed Coconut Oil
Pure Castor Oil
Pure Beeswax
Organic Natural Vitamin E
Organic Rosehip Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil

For best results, first apply a little powder to eyelids and eyelashes.

Dip the mascara wand into the mascara then scrape off excess product on the edge of the jar as much as possible. This jar does not have a rubber stopper like plastic mascara tubes, so you will have to scrape off the product as much as possible.

With very little product on the wand run it through lashes to apply.

Allow it to dry.

The mascara is highly pigmented so one coat is generally enough. You can apply 2 or 3 coats if desired but let each coat dry first.

After drying, it lasts a long time. It will not easily smudge on its own.

You can use any mascara wand of your choice.
1/4 oz jar
Complimentary mascara wand with 100% biodegradable bamboo handle. The head of the wand can be bent.

Complimentary Jute Pouch on purchase of 3 or more items
Net weight 8.5 grams (0.30oz)


Activated charcoal from coconuts - Highest grade Activated charcoal derived from coconut is cleansing, purifying and soothing to the eyes.

Organic Ghee - Ghee used in this eyeliner is the utmost premium quality from grass fed cow milk. It is highly moisturizing and extremely beneficial for the eyes. Ghee eye baths are recommended in Ayurveda to maintain healthy nourished eyes.

Castor Oil - This oil made from the castor bean is packed with antioxidants and is rich in fatty acids like ricinoleic acid. It helps to cleanse and soothe the eyes. It promotes lubrication and prevents eyes from getting dry and itchy.

Coconut Oil - An oil with a multitude of benefits Coconut oil helps to keep eyes lubricated and hydrated. It helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles and even keep eyelashes healthy
Jojoba and Rosehip Oils - These oils contain Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Beta carotene as well as essential fatty acids which are very beneficial in maintaining eye health.

Beeswax - Locks in moisture and conditions skin

Vitamin E - Provides antioxidant protection to eye cells

Only Natural Ingredients
Handmade in small batches in the US
Cruelty Free
Preservative Free

Customer Reviews for SunnyHerbals 100% Natural Kajal Eyeliner

Wow!! This is a fabulous eyeliner, and all natural ingredients. This small liner brush works perfectly and gives me just what I want...a really natural look while lining and enhancing your eyes. It stays at least as long, if not longer, than the commercial eyeliner pencils I used to use.   I was looking for an eyeliner that I could use on the inside rim of my eye. I have sensitive eyes so I needed something all natural and I also wear contact lenses. This one is perfect. Thank you. Super fast shipping and amazing product. Very pigmented and smooth and does not irritate your eyes! I’ve been using it for about a week everyday and I really think it’s been making my eyelashes grow. Amazing The product stays for quite some time. And the pigment is perfect for a soft eyeliner & i just loooove the way it looks. Thank you! This is an amazing eyeliner I love it
The Kajal is of great quality. Nice packaging as well. This is smooth and easy to use. The tiny brush gives me precise control. Feels healthy to wear, doesn't sting when put on close to waterline, package came with a free item as well So far I like this product. It doesn’t irritate my eyes even when I line the inner bottom lid. Shipped fast! Great quality eye makeup that I feel good about using. Easy application, not difficult to remove. I love the container. Looking forward to new items in the shop! Thank you!
Nice Kajal and Super seller! Happy with purchase Fast service. Beautiful bag. Absolutely perfect. Thank you! I like the kajal Great deal! Fast shipping!