Customer Reviews for SunnyHerbals 100% Natural Kajal Eyeliner

SunnyHerbals Kajal Eyeliner Customer Reviews Wow!! This is a fabulous eyeliner, and all natural ingredients. This small liner brush works perfectly and gives me just what I want...a really natural look while lining and enhancing your eyes. It stays at least as long, if not longer, than the commercial eyeliner pencils I used to use.  

I was looking for an eyeliner that I could use on the inside rim of my eye. I have sensitive eyes so I needed something all natural and I also wear contact lenses. This one is perfect. Thank you. Super fast shipping and amazing product. Very pigmented and smooth and does not irritate your eyes! I’ve been using it for about a week everyday and I really think it’s been making my eyelashes grow. Amazing The product stays for quite some time. And the pigment is perfect for a soft eyeliner & I just loooove the way it looks.
The Kajal is of great quality. Nice packaging as well. This is smooth and easy to use. The tiny brush gives me precise control. Feels healthy to wear, doesn't sting when put on close to waterline, package came with a free item as well So far I like this product. It doesn’t irritate my eyes even when I line the inner bottom lid. Shipped fast! Great quality eye makeup that I feel good about using. Easy application, not difficult to remove. I love the container. Looking forward to new items in the shop! Thank you!

Customer Reviews for SunnyHerbals Ghee Turmeric Eye Cream

SunnyHerbals Ghee Turmeric Eye Cream for Dark Circles Best cream so far I used. My dark circles started to diminish in few uses itself. Will definitely buy again, would give more stars if I was given option, because I love this cream that much and thank you so much for the gifts.  Super fast shipping and wonderful customer service! Have only been using this eye cream for a short time and can already notice a difference. I keep it in the fridge and use it at night. This works well with brightening my eyes so I don’t look so tired in the morning. A little goes a long way. Absolutely love! Lives up to its promise. I discovered its might when I accidentally rubbed it on my feet and found it come alive .

It soothes the eye area as promised.
I like this so far. This should last a very long time as so little is needed. Got two of the lip butters which I like as well. Also got a sample of the rose face cream which I use at night. It has a pleasant light scent.
This stuff literally just melts right into the skin ! I’m excited to keeping using and hopefully see improvements soon! Also sent me a tiny sample of lip butter which I love and eventually gonna have to buy ! Will definitely come back and recommend ! Thank you I have oily skin, especially in the summer, and I was worried that this was going to break me out considering that it's made with ghee. No worries at all, this is so moisturizing in all the best ways and no problems with milia! I keep it in the fridge and a little goes a long way. It also smells buttery, which I really like. Thank you! I love this Ghee cream. So hydrating to my eye area. Great purchase! Wow! Quality - thank you! Will buy from again. Be blessed and safe during this COVID 19. So far, so good with this eye butter. I have been using it at night. I’ve only had it for a week or so, so can’t attest to reduction of dark circles, but no adverse effects like stinging or watery eyes.  It leaves a shiny finish with a very slight yellowish cast as expected for a turmeric product. Shipping was vey fast & it arrived securely packaged with a nice little tag. I’m very happy with this product so far! Interested in trying other products from SunnyHerbals!

Customer Reviews for SunnyHerbals Ghee Face Cream

SunnyHerbals Ghee Face Cream Sandalwood Rose Antiaging Lovely hydrating moisturizer! A little goes a long way-definitely one of those small but mighty items. There is a light characteristic smell of butter when initially applying, but quickly fades. I love using it as a sealing moisturizer in my skin care routine. Thank you for such a lovely product!  Great product at a third of the price from the ayurvedic store.
The bags under my eyes are disappearing and I’ve already ordered, so I don’t run out
This is a beautiful cream. Feels so good. Amazing face cream!
SunnyHerbals Ghee Face Cream Vanilla Buttercream Always a great experience with SunnyHerbals! Love this vanilla buttercream ghee face cream... I use it every day and I love it. A little goes quite a long way. Absorbs well and moisturizes the skin. I have sensitive skin and have no problems. Super quick shipping, nice packaging and a hand-written note. Super quick shipping, a quality purchase! I recommend this shop. I've made past purchases and have always been impressed. I tried out the buttercream tonight and it absorbs well into my skin without leaving a greasy feeling. A little goes a long way, just like the lip butters. Thank you, Mita, for always communicating and thoughtfully packing/sending my order. You go above and beyond. :)

Customer Reviews for SunnyHerbals Lip Butters

SunnyHerbals Vegan Whipped Lip Butter Pink Bonbon Got this the other day and y'all, I love it! It kind of melts in and feels so good. My lips stay chapped and this seems to really help. Great stuff! It’s the best Natural Lip Balm I have ever had. I’m so happy. Thank You so much Another winner! LOVE the subtlety of the color and amazing all day moisture. Honestly, my lips haven't been chapped since using your lip care products. Thank you!
SunnyHerbals Whipped Lip Butter Dark Chocolate Highly recommend. I’m addicted to the dark chocolate lip butter!! Emollient, delicate dark cocoa scent & flavor in its pure form. Slight tint, no sweeteners, which I prefer...Most flavored lip balms are too sweet for me. I am a repeat customer for the dark chocolate lip butter & will probably purchase more. Fast shipping. Seller is friendly & accommodating. Decadent scent! The lip butter actually offers some color and definition. Thanks! Very quick shipping, wow! This lip butter seriously works wonders. My lips are frequently chapped but improve significantly once I use this lip butter. Not to mention, it smells wonderful, too, just like milk chocolate. You only need to use a little bit, too, as it melts right into your lips.

SunnyHerbals Whipped Lip Butter White Chocolate Great product! Shipped quickly and has a nice scent to it, and it's moisturizing! Thank you! It works so well with my chapped lips and has a nice sweet smell. I always look forward to using it.

Customer Reviews for SunnyHerbals Shampoo & Conditioner

SunnyHerbals Hair Growth Shampoo Conditioner 100% Natural The shampoo was great for my hair and exactly as it says online. It cleaned my hair and made it soft and wondrous. I love how natural it is. The mask she put in as a sample was also simply wonderful and a kind gesture. Overall the product and the owner are both fantastic:) My hair, face, and soul are happy.   Absolutely love this! leave your hair nice and clean without all of the chemicals , will definitely be buying more! Love as always second time buying!Leaves hair clean without the chemicals or the waxy feel from shampoo bars! First of all can I say that customer service is amazing?! Secondly I used this product for the first time last night per directions and my hair hasn't been this amazing in a long time! my hair is soft and not greasy at all. It's bouncy and full of life. I didn't have to use any other shampoo or conditioning as I usually would. I have used products like this in the past but they have never made my hair this soft. Thanks!